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Here are a few key points to remember…

  • Visitors Revealed is a B2B business tool, NOT B2C. It focuses on businesses and contacts who work for those specific businesses. It exists to help you identify prospective customers and clients who have arrived at your website, looking for your products or services.
  • Visitors Revealed requires your website to be getting traffic in order to work. The results you’ll get are COMPLETELY dependent on the visitor traffic your website has to work with. If your website has functionality problems or goes offline, Visitors Revealed will likely have problems producing the results it is designed for. That’s on you, not us.
  • Visitors Revealed DOES NOT produce prospects or leads for your business. Visitors Revealed DOES NOT send or produce traffic (visitors) for your website. It identifies potential opportunities for you to follow up with and introduce your solutions to. If you cannot or will not follow up with the businesses Visitors Revealed identifies, you should NOT waste your time or ours with this free trial.
  • We and the technology we use is not perfect – just like all other software-based companies. Because getting a B2B website’s Visitors Revealed is a highly in-demand service, it sometimes pushes the limits of available resources. We do our best to fix mistakes, make corrections, and provide updates in a timely manner, but sometimes there are technical issues and glitches as software solutions continue to be maintained, updated and improved.

Ok, that’s it for now. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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