How do visitors use my website?

Every website design is doomed to under-deliver the day it goes live – and it instantly costs you conversions, sales, and bottom line profits.

To get your website producing the results you want, it’s critical for you to be able to see how your visitors navigate your web pages:

  • Where do you think their attention is being directed by your design and where is it actually going on each page?
  • How far down any given page do your site visitors scroll – are they even getting past the fold?
  • Which pages do they exit on and why – where were they on the page when they realized they had enough?

How do you know ANY of this without seeing it for yourself?

Visitors Revealed not only shows you page hotspots – the page elements that grab their attention, by clicks, by eye-tracking and by scrolling – you also get real-time video recordings of visitor site usage, so you can see the sequence of pages and clicks during their visit.

Use Visitors Revealed to…

  • Define your A/B split test projects
  • Improve your website redesign
  • Perform “above the fold” testing
  • Identify if content updates are needed
  • Improve conversion rate optimization for
    – Forms
    – Checkout processes
    – Sign-ups and subscriptions
  • Improve engagement with videos
  • Optimize visitor screen resolution
  • Discover navigation improvements
  • Compare clicks between images, buttons and text links
  • For “Before” and “After” Case Studies
  • See how different visitor segments engage with your site
  • Identify potential site security vulnerabilities
  • Get executive approval based on what works and what doesn’t
  • And more…

 Get more results from your website’s current traffic with data-backed website design, layout and usability decisions that impact your bottom line conversions, sales and profitability.


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