Getting more opportunities in front of sales staff is of huge importance for most marketers. This often done through a variety of tactics including ads (online and offline) and landing pages, text/audio/video content, social media linkage, etc.

 Some companies buy cold or warm contact lists of target businesses. Some have their sales staff hunt down new opportunities. Some have lead generation services do the preliminary work in making initial contact, then connect the lead to the product or service business.

 For what it costs you in profit, lost sales, overspending on customer acquisition and other costs of doing business, the methods you use aren’t the point.

Sure, Visitors Revealed tracks your unidentified website traffic from wherever it comes and connects it to specific businesses with staff contact info so you can follow up with insights as to who those prospects are.

 But what too many businesses are blind to is just how much money they waste on trying to generate or attract new customers and sales.

The money you waste costs you the most, not the money you spend.

Read that line again – the money you waste costs you the most – not the money you spend.

It’s one thing to have a “brochure” website that sits quietly online, waiting for traffic to somehow magically arrive. But do you really want to wait until a prospect accidentally finds you?

That’s about as passive as it gets, but you create a huge marketing gap by doing as little as possible to attract new business. You very likely have competition filling those gaps with their marketing efforts every day – and that reduces the “magical” traffic to your website even more.

A lot of businesses are increasingly more serious. They do SEO, write blog posts, link to their website content in social media, do videos, etc.

Some go even further and apply the concept of, “You’re not a real business until you can buy advertising to drive customers to you”.

It comes down to this…you pay for staff or services or advertising dollars to get traffic to your website as potential sales opportunities.

Only a small number of that traffic from all those sources ever converts into prospects or leads or whatever you’re calling “sales opportunities”.

If you don’t convert this traffic – which can be up to 97% or more of what you’re getting – you are paying even more to get them to return.

You pay for more ads to get not just new prospects, but also, the same prospects back to your website.

 You might even do retargeting, which is great as long as browser cookies are never cleared by corporate IT departments or the software they use to be safer in this age of hackers-gone-wild.

So we know retargeting only goes so far, even if it does help you minimize ads costs. It still costs money to do it and you still pay someone to oversee it on a regular basis.

  • You pay sales staff to keep chasing targets on your leads lists.
  • You pay 3rd party services, your staff, or rent social media software to manage your social. Or you use some combination of the three.
  • You pay for more ads that target the same prospects over and over

 You may have a whole library of various software you use in your marketing and sales activities.

(Visitors Revealed also replaces a lot of that at a reduced cost. Thought you might want to know.)

 But are you getting the point?

 Your attempts to drive traffic to your website for eventual lead/sales conversions never stops costing you money. And because maybe 3% of all traffic ever converts, that means you’re paying to drive the same traffic mixed with new traffic over and over and over.

 When the combination of mixed and new visitors leave as part of your 97% of lost ongoing opportunities, you’re not just losing sales, you’re increasing your acquisition costs at the same time!

Each time you have a repeat visitor to your website, it costs you something to get them there.

 You may prefer to ignore this, but there are variable economics of scale at work…

You’re still paying more to get the same visitors to return.

You’re losing more sales opportunities because you’re still only getting a fraction of total traffic conversions.

And because those “real leads” with buyer intent are not doing business with you, they do business elsewhere.

That’s your market share going into your competition’s pocket and your profit into their bank account.

 If all this isn’t clear enough, we can’t help you here.

Your actual numbers will vary. If this makes total sense to you, you probably don’t need to do the math – it could get messy.

It’s clearly logically that you must be spending more than needed to get new and returning traffic. You’re not getting as many sales as you could as indicated by your various conversion percentages.

So there you go…Test Drives are still Free.