Why Visitors Revealed?

Good question, but it’s kind of obvious isn’t it?

You can see your website gets traffic, but you can’t see the contact info for the huge majority of your visitors.

The visitors to your website are looking for your products or services. It’s not by accident.

They searched to find you, or responded to an ad, or got a referral, or your sales staff made contact, or you sent them promotional materials, or they saw one of your videos, or something else…

You don’t know who they are or what company they’re with.

But they took the time to find you and they landed on one or more of your pages.

They spent their valuable time considering your business as an option and they may have even visited your website more than once.

But how would you know that?

These are clearly pre-purchase research and/or purchase-intent-based visits.

So who are these people, these businesses?!?

Your traffic analytics shows them as random, generic, faceless, and nameless traffic.

Problem is, you can’t connect any of that anonymous traffic to a specific business with specific contact info.

Have they filled out an email form or dialed your number?

Are they returning prospects with a high level of interest?

You just don’t know and it’s costing you lost sales that go to your competitors.

It also increases your customer acquisition costs.

After all – if these prospects are shopping and researching and aren’t doing business with you, who are they doing business with?

What if they’re your current clients starting to shop around to replace you?

Would you rather know now so you can try and head it off, or would you rather find out after they’ve replaced you?

What are all these lost sales opportunities actually costing you?

How much is an average customer worth to your business?

The potential lifetime customer value for most businesses well exceeds a customer’s initial purchase.

And when you look at the traffic your site gets with you having the option to convert more of them to customers, it makes sense that you’d at least try to capture a portion of those sales.

Considering that the overwhelming majority of traffic to most websites bounces, never making contact, you could be letting a lot of opportunities slip through your fingers.

That’s traffic you’re already paying for one way or the other.

How do you explain that to the powers that be – or accept it yourself?

Smart businesses don’t knowingly give market share to their competitors.

Why continue leaving that money on the table?

Visitors Revealed does as the name implies.

Visitors Revealed provides you with contact information about your visitors to effectively follow up, introduce your solutions, and start your sales process – or pick up a returning warm or cold lead where it left off.

Maybe those visitors are doing research.

Maybe they are vetting who to contact.

They might be needing what you offer now or in the near future, but didn’t quite see what they were looking for on your website. It doesn’t mean you aren’t a solution for their needs.

Still, they moved on to their other options (your competition), never to return.

But you don’t know that either. What if they came back – multiple times?

You don’t know – and you won’t know.

Visitors Revealed can tell you if they came back (plus so much more).

How valuable is a returning visitor?

How much closer to a sale is a returning visitor?

What if you only followed up with those repeat visitors? Wouldn’t they likely have an even stronger interest in doing business that you really need to pay attention to?

There are so many ways to look at the advantages of getting Visitors Revealed that it’s undeniable.

You need to know who your website visitors are, when they came by, what pages they saw, and how long they were on your site.

You need company names, staff contacts and titles, email addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses.

You might even want to know how they found you, keywords used in any ads that they clicked and more.

You might also want notification alerts via email, text messaging, or phone calls when a company stops by your website, spends a certain amount of time on your site, or is a repeat visitor.

Visitors Revealed serves it up on a silver platter.

You get anonymous website visitor data organized and constantly updated, ready to integrate with your CRM.

All you need to do now is get signed up and give it a spin.

Do it now.

Then pat yourself on the back for making your best marketing and sales decision so far this year.

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