The majority of websites (yours included) never see or hear from the majority of their visitors after the first visit.

That’s because, if yours is like most, up to 97% or more of those who visit your website never make contact with you. Many of those interested prospects never return because they end up with your competition – after all, if they were all coming back, you’d have more new business than you could handle.

Visitors Revealed provides you with the info you need to follow up with your lost opportunities and turn those visitors into leads, prospects and sales.

With a short snippet of code on your website, getting your Visitors Revealed shows you critical data including…

  • Who visited your website and when so you know how recently they had an interest in what you offer – and if they returned one or more times.
  • What pages they saw and for how long per page so you know what products and/or services they are interested in.
  • Company name and staff contacts so you can follow up with their specific staff.
  • Click attribution for how they found you (so you can track which of your marketing efforts are driving key traffic to your site)
  • Including the keyword(s) they searched to find you.
  • If they called your business after visiting your website (so you know if they were motivated to call from a website visit or some other source of your marketing).

There’s more…

  • How to connect this information to your CRM.
  • Instant notification by email, text message or phone when a potential lead was just at your website.
  • Sales outreach results by tracking who visits your site and how soon after you make contact with prospects.
  • What companies visited your website from advertisements, but didn’t convert to a lead (this alone is a HUGE game-changer). Think about how much is spent on the ad traffic that sees the ads, click through to a landing page and leaves without converting.

That’s the MAJORITY of ad traffic for EVERY advertiser!

And there’s still more…

  • Are your competitors checking your website? Which pages did they look at? Are they copying you?
  • Are your current customers shopping around and comparing you to their other options?
  • Which businesses visit your website multiple times and still aren’t making contact with you.
  • And yes there’s even more, but by now you surely get the point.

EVERY B2B company needs their website Visitors Revealed.

Without it, you’ll never see, much less close those daily lost opportunities and sales you  continue to miss out on.

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