“93% of Online Experiences Begin With a Search Engine”, so says Search Engine journal – and it’s their business to know.

Your company spends money on search engine optimization. Man, that’s all looking really good right now, huh!

But what about the part where your website waits for that traffic to show up and then waits for that traffic to identify itself?


How often does “We’re getting SEO traffic but waiting for conversions. Maybe next visit…” work as an explanation?

Again, to be clear, we’re not asking about how often your SEO actually works to bring you traffic. SEO by nature is somewhat unpredictable, plus it takes time to get your pages ranked for your search terms. We get all that.

You could see an unexpected traffic spike because of the stock market flipping, foreign policy changes, a pandemic (god forbid), grocery stores running out of toilet paper again – any number of things could push traffic your way.

We’re referring to how often your SEO traffic converts…to anything.

We hope it does eventually and we hope that “anything” is at least an inquiry so you get some contact info for your SEO visitors.

If you’re only getting email addresses, those don’t fill in the blanks with a robust company contact profile.

And if you do get a full plate of contact info, you probably can’t match it to which pages that exact company/visitor saw, time on page, exit pages, return visits.

In other words, when you finally get a real conversion you’re still missing the insightful history of their interactions with your website with it all connected to when they finally gave you their complete contact info.

Do you have a tool or process that can pull prospects and potential sales opportunities from that SEO traffic – whether it ever converts?

You’re right. If it’s never going to convert, could it possibly be a real sales opp?

Who knows? But wouldn’t you rather get the visitor identified by company and contact info and decide for yourself than wait indefinitely?

Which begs another question…

When does that traffic convert and for what terms? In other words, does your SEO traffic convert on the first visit, the second, third…

Various analytics programs will show you what terms are producing traffic. Don’t you want to connect specific keyword searches to specific businesses?

Would knowing this provide some predictability in your marketing strategy? Probably, but you might not even care. After all, the goal is really to just get more sales leads today than you did yesterday.

We created Visitors Revealed because all sources of traffic, from SEO to social to ads, have unpredictability as to when the conversion takes place. Visitors Revealed goes for visitor identification regardless of what you want the traffic to do.

Now keep in mind nothing works all the time. Even the sun goes down almost on a daily basis it seems.

Visitors Revealed doesn’t capture every visitor’s company name, staff name and title, email and mailing addresses, phone number, etc., and there’s a good reason why.

Companies have firewalls and VPNs and proxies to not just block info, but to protect their enterprise. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, it’s all good nowadays with the proliferation of the mighty hacker.

But there are companies that we can get you the above info for and more. This helps your SEO efforts produce more measurable results.

And isn’t that what you want from it in the first place?

Now that we’ve put this in perspective for you, we have to add that Visitors Revealed does a lot more than just identify anonymous visitors from your SEO traffic. It does the same thing for ALL your traffic.

So if you do online or offline ads that refer visitors to your website who don’t convert, Visitors Revealed identifies non-converting ad traffic.

You paid for the ad, why not get the visitor’s contact info?

Your social media sends traffic to your site? We can tell you who they are.

Use a variety of different tracking phone numbers in ads and elsewhere? Visitors Revealed tracks those to specific companies, too.

If that’s not enough, we also have a module that provides SMS services with inboxes and, you guessed it, tracking of responses to specific companies, their visit and response history, etc., etc.

We’re done. Your turn…

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