It’s one thing to send email, make phone calls or drop by to see a prospect “because you were in the area”, but you know the problem with all that.

Most of the time you have little to no visibility or awareness of what’s actually happening in the customer’s head or behind the scenes in their chain of command.

You hope to connect at that perfect moment when they’re ready to finalize a deal, but you know those moments are few and far between.

Been there, done that.

There are two more productive ways to deal with this situation.

The first is to pull more high-quality leads out of the website traffic you are already getting and paying for. That way you have more prospects in your funnel that are closer to buying than not. You focus on what you’ve got instead of what you hope you have.

Visitors Revealed helps with that.

Jus’ sayin’…

The second way is to get a better idea of what’s going on with your prospects where you’re getting the cold shoulder or no clear picture of project status.

Short of bugging their office – which we do not recommend – you can check their interest and intent by watching to see if they are returning to your website. Even if they show up, but aren’t signing up, it’s huge positive.

We hope you understand the value of returning traffic and why it’s so important to follow up with those visitors, too.

We’re also assuming that to establish your company’s expertise and trust you are educating and positioning your company during the sales process. In other words, instead of calling or emailing them to “just follow up and check in”, you’re using marketing content to build your case in your favor.

After all, if your company has nothing more to offer in convincing prospects to do business with you than you just checking in, where’s the differentiating value, right?

There’s a huge difference between blending in and standing out.

Visitors Revealed is a big deal because, even if you don’t use marketing content, you get business and staff contact info for visitors that stop by your website, but fail to reach out to you before leaving for your competitors.

REALITY CHECK:  Fact is, your website visitors don’t arrive by accident. They aren’t there for entertainment. Many arrive at your website in the midst of their buyers journey – somewhere between discovery and purchase. Many are anticipating the strong possibility of a purchase from you or your competition in the immediate or near future.

How do you not take these visitors seriously?!?

Does it make sense to wait until they might come back “some day”? Will they even make contact if they do return? You don’t know, we don’t know, nobody knows…

But because you’ve never (before now) had a way to audit your traffic on a per visitor basis to get company names, staff contacts with email, phone numbers and more, they bounce with no guarantee they’ll return.

They have too many other options to choose from to favor you without more influence from you.

But you let them get away.

Get insights into your prospect’s evolving mindset.

Repeat visitors can provide very insightful data. But it’s largely limited-value, generic info until you start connecting the data to visitors you’ve identified.

You especially want to know what pages they read, in what order, for how long, with exit pages and form completions, all connected back to their company and their staff’s past visit history.

Tracking generic visitor activities on your website and staring at their click hotspots doesn’t really deliver the big payoff until you begin matching it to known businesses. 

When you’re getting website usage for your “in progress” prospects, no matter what they are telling you, you get “buyer’s intent” insights you might never get otherwise.

You can use this data to establish more predictable buyer timelines for specific companies in specific markets and specific scenarios. The truly ambitious can compile target market insights that almost help you predict the future.

Hopefully you can see the importance of knowing the who, what, where, how and when of your website visitors.

And if you want more sales opportunities from the traffic you’re already getting…if you want to know more about how a prospect might be progressing along their “buyer’s journey” to help them attain their ideal outcome…you need to get your Visitors Revealed.

If you don’t see the value in what we’ve covered here, you’re stuck – rock on your right, hard place on your left.

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