This won’t take long. It’s specifically online advertising focused, but also applies to offline ads.

We’ve talked about this huge benefit in passing by listing it with the other wonderful features of Visitors Revealed. It’s just that it seems to continue to run under the radar with advertising services – both online and offline.

Apparently it needs more attention and if the topic hasn’t blown up yet, it surely will soon.

What we’re referring to is how advertisers commonly pay to drive traffic to a website and how only a fraction of that traffic converts to a contact, lead, sale, etc.

We all know that no advertising converts at 100% all the time. For the majority of websites, conversions usually float somewhere around 3%. Yours may be a whole lot more or less, but this still matters for most.

So you pay for traffic, only part of it converts, and the unconverted traffic from your advertising does what? It goes where?

Maybe your ad planted a seed of interest or doubt and the visitor goes to competitor websites or starts search engine queries.

Maybe they just take lunch and forget about you and your ad’s landing page. Maybe they leave it open and come back to it later. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever they do after seeing your ad and going to your website, if they don’t take the action you want, they’ve marginalized your acquisition costs.

So what’s an advertiser to do?

You play the ad game baby…

You pay again and again to get your ads in front of them again and again.

Take note that you’re buying ads to get back in front of two segments of prospects:

  1. Those who have already been to your website through from an ad of yours.
  2. Those who have never been to your website through an ad of yours.

This drives up your ad spend, in effect, causing you to overspend on your lead/customer acquisition.

Sure, you use re-targeting, but we all know it’s not fail-safe for a variety of reasons.

Wait you say, there’s nothing else you can do.


You can use Visitors Revealed to identify more of the visitors who respond to your advertising, but fail to convert.

That’s what you want anyway, right? You just want the contact info for staff (and the companies they work for) who have enough interest in what you offer to go to your website.

You’re paying to get those people to your website whether they convert or not. What if you didn’t have to buy their visit over and over – even if you do retargeting for less than full-priced ads.

Do you really want to wait until those same prospects see your ads again and wait until they might click through?

Why not just get more of those contacts identified sooner than later – or never? You know some of them will get distracted by competitors and never come back after that first visit.














It’s clearly logically that you must be spending more than needed to get new and returning traffic. You’re not getting as many sales as you could as indicated by your various conversion percentages.

You know the drill – we continue to do Free Test Drives…